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Kasteel Engelenburg

Kasteel Engelenburg


Would you like to organise an exciting program at your wedding day? At Kasteel Engelenburg we offer a great varity of workshops for example as a break between reception and dinner for your guests. Which also creates some time for bride and groom to have the photo’s taken. We gladly assist in organising for example:

Predatory Bird Show

At Engelenberg, hunting has always been an important part of life. We can organise a magnificent predatory bird show for you, completely in the style of the rich outdoor life of the nineteenth century. Our falconer will bring along about 20 different types of falcons, hawks, buzzards and owls, which he will allow to fly one by one. An explanation will be given about the type of bird and the flying and/or hunting technique that the bird uses. An attempt will be made to adhere to nature as closely as possible.

African Drumming

In the workshop you will be introduced to the African drumming culture by playing the djembes. These are the most famous African drums. You will be introduced - step by step and under expert guidance - to a number of rhythms, which combined are fairly complex. The (physical) playing and the sound created will form a source of inspiration for a joint musical experience. An excellent group activity. Naturally, you can also organise a drumming demonstration as a break during a dinner or conference.