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Kasteel Engelenburg

Kasteel Engelenburg

Tailor Made Wedding


Experience the most beautiful day of your lives at the magnificent and surprising wedding location Kasteel Engelenburg. With a moment on the stairs that gives you goosebumps, a ceremony in one of the gorgeous style rooms or Estate garden, a festive reception, a delicious dinner or an amazing feast to finish your perfect day. Anything is possible, so your day will match the perfect picture you have in mind.

An exclusive feeling on an unforgettable day

You are the only wedding on your day. This does not only make you feel exclusive, but also means we can focus all our attention on the two of you, your guests and all necessary details. We will make sure you will experience an unforgettable day.

Why get married in a castle?

Why would you not like to get married in a castle? Perhaps you will think of when you were young and you were playing Cinderella with your girlfriends and wanted to get married in a castle. You may find yourself tearing up because you made it here, with your prince charming! Many castles have lovely staircases, ideal for the bride to make a stunning entrance.
But, all joking aside, getting married in a castle gives you and your loved ones an exclusive feeling. A feeling you would love to share. The ambiance of a castle is incredibly special. You need to be a fan of the style, but every castle has something romantic!  True romance!  

Our English castle gardens; the place to be for wedding pictures 

Another advantage is that Kasteel Engelenburg has wonderful gardens. This will save you time, and possible traffic jams, driving to another location for your pictures. On a lovely summer's day, a castle garden is the perfect place for wedding pictures, lots of colour and natural sunlight giving the pictures that extra 'wow-factor'. A setting that is reserved especially for you, so if the session takes a little longer, no worries. .

Our team is honoured to deliver you the most beautiful day of your lives. We are happy to think about the options with you, and we have extensive expertise in planning a wedding. We love to give you the wedding of your dreams, completely tailored to your wishes. Your own theme or design, we are happy to think about the options, but it will always remain your wedding!

How about a fall or winter wedding?

Falling in Love is the theme for a fall or winter wedding on Kasteel Engelenburg! The high trees surrounding the castle turn from green to gold, lanterns and fire pits are lit everywhere and you may even get married outside! Kasteel Engelenburg is a beautiful location in all seasons, but in the fall and winter, it all comes together. The illuminated driveway, the burning firepits and torches, the fully illuminated castle. And, the biggest surprise may be waiting inside. An entrance bathing in candlelight, romantic Salons with chandeliers and lit fireplaces. Moreover, these winter months are the highlight of the game season for our chefs. With the fall or winter wedding, you will have a fully catered wedding at Kasteel Engelenburg for a very attractive price.