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Kasteel Engelenburg

Kasteel Engelenburg

Intimate Wedding

14.00 hours
We welcome approximately 20 people at our Estate with a cup of coffee or tea in one of our attractive halls and will accompany the guests to the hotel rooms.

14.30 hours
Your legal wedding can be arranged in one of our beautiful rooms. Our stylish Spieghelzaal or the conservatory with a view over the castle moat and the estate. The salon is festively decorated with bows and gypsophila on the chairs. The official registrar must be discussed by yourself with the municipality of Brummen. The official will discuss the details of the ceremony with you in advance.

15.00 hours
You cut the wedding cake with the saber and we serve a festive glass of South African Sparkling wine (méthode champenoise), a toast can be made to the newlyweds. You discuss the layout and taste of the cake in with the pastry chef. There is also the opportunity to take pictures at the Estate. For example, a beautiful photo of the bridal party in front of the castle.

17.00 hours
Guests can freshen up before dinner or you can organize an activity. How about a wine tasting in our medieval wine cellar or, for example, a bird of prey show at the castle square.

19:00 hours
We serve an aperitif in our English lounge or the cozy hotel bar. To get you in the mood, our chef has prepared a range of luxurious amuse-bouches to introduce the wedding dinner.

19:30 hours
Start of your wedding dinner in the Conservatory, the Spieghelzaal or when you invite more guests in our Sociëteitszaal.

As a break from your dinner we can serve a refreshment in the wine cellar. A table change can also take place at this time.

To accompany you, we serve a  (South African) wine arrangement, selected by our sommelier, and finally coffee with delicacy.
On the table we provide the menu cards with a special text and the name cards for the table layout. Of course, our house florist will take into account the choice of your flowers from the bridal bouquet for the table decoration.

00.00 hours
End of your wedding day. Our Engelenburg bar is still open to enjoy a drink with your guests and to review all the highlights of the day.

You have invited all guests to stay overnight. We have reserved 9 hotel rooms for your guests and of course the Orangerie suite for you. The next morning we have a festively served breakfast ready for you in our restaurant.