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Kasteel Engelenburg

Kasteel Engelenburg

Marriage Officiant


If you get married in the municipality of Brummen, you have a lot of choices. You determine the exact time of the official wedding ceremony. During the day, in the evening, at midnight or sunrise: the choice is yours. Your wedding is officiated by a marriage officiant. 

Your own wedding officiant?

Getting married in complete accordance with your wishes? The marriage officiant who takes the time for you, who has class and depth?  When you, as a couple, wish to determine exactly how the ceremony is held and you want to be assured of a beautiful, warm highlight of the day... that is what the marriage officials of the Municipality of Brummen are happy to do with love and enthusiasm.

The official wedding ceremony

Your wedding is special and needs to match your wishes and you as a couple. Every couple has their own interpretation of their perfect day. Together, we will determine the ambiance and contents of your wedding ceremony. The marriage officiant will take the time to get to know you beforehand and will work on the ceremony that suits you completely with love, effort and attention. An essential and unforgettable part of your wedding day, you and your guests can identify with and feel comfortable with. You can choose from 5 excellent marriage officiants, but you can also ask a family member, friend or acquaintance to perform the ceremony. In Brummen, however, this is only possible if your family member, friend or acquaintance is already a marriage official in another municipality.