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See & Do Items | Kasteel Engelenburg
Kasteel Engelenburg

Group Activities

Farmer’s Golf
Vierakker (14 km)

A farmer’s golf course consists of 8 holes at an average distance of more than 200 metres from each hole. A hole consists of a starting point and an end point, "the hole", a bucket dug into the ground marked by a numbered flag. “The hole” i...

Walk in the Woods
On the grounds

An IVN (Institute for Environmental Education and Sustainability) tour guide or our gardener can accompany you on a stroll through the gardens and the adjacent woods. You will be able to enjoy everything the nature and surrounding areas hav...

Ball shooting
On the Grounds

Under assistance, you will compete against other teams. Who will throw “the kloot” (wooden ball) to the finish in the least number of throws? A century old ball game from our region and a great combiantion of competition and enjoying our na...

Mountain bike clinic
On the Grounds

Defy mud, dust, cold and heat and face the physical challenge. After you receive an explanation about mountain biking techniques (particularly how to shift gears), you will head out together with a guide. When riding in the immediate vicini...

Gallery Aaldering Classic Automobiles
Brummen (2 km)

Gallery Aaldering is located at the edge of Brummen, a unique concept in the world of classic/sports cars and lifestyle. Here you will find three floors with more than 300 magnificent classics and old-timers, as well as a cosy lunchroom.

Whisper boat or city walk through Zutphen
Rijkenhage Zutphen (12 km)

Enjoy a boat tour of approximately one hour over the Berkel River through the medieval centre of Zutphen. The whisperer (skipper) will enthusiastically tell you about the history of Hanseatic Zutphen. The price starts at € 110 per boat for...

Zutphen Culinary Tour
Zutphen (10 km)

The tour group will walk to tearoom ‘de Pelikaan’ without a tour guide. At ‘de Pelikaan’, guests will be welcomed with a cup of tea or, if so desired, coffee or cappuccino with a slice of raisin cake. You will be able to experience the atmo...

Around Noon Tour Zutphen
Zutphen (10 km)

A tour of the most beautiful places in Zutphen and surrounding areas, consisting of the following: • Coffee at ‘de Pelikaan’, courtyard walking tour with an experienced tour guide. • Boat tour on the whisper boat. • Knapsack lunch. • W...

Classic Car Rally
On the Grounds

What an experience… driving in the nicest rally competition in the most beautiful classic cars. A programme during which your clients will see their childhood dreams come true. We will plan a nice programme for you with including a receptio...

Solex tour with a visit of the Hanze beer brewery in Zutphen
On the Grounds

Take you colleagues back in time to the days when the Solex was most popular! It will bring back memories for the older generation, but it is also a unique experience for younger people. Kick your powered bicycle into action and take a tou...

Veluwe Safari
On the Grounds

After an explanation (and a cup of coffee) you will be on your way to explore the most beautiful places of the Veluwe. Ride a bicycle for a bit, take a walk, navigate together… A diverse tour suited for everyone. Furthermore, you will mee...

The Veluwe steam train
Railway station Dieren (7 km)

This train rides between Apeldoorn and Dieren. The old-fashioned steam train leads you through an ever-changing landscape. In the summer months, the steam train runs on a regular time schedule. The steam train can also be rented by groups f...

With Thai Tuk Tuk through the Achterhoek
Vorden (18 km)

An exciting puzzle trail through the Achterhoek with the Tuk Tuk! During this trail, you must find the correct route using a compass, pictures and questions. In order to gain points, you have to complete assignments with a camera and answer...

Mini Classic Tour
On the Grounds

After a welcome with coffee/tea and a briefing with an explanation of navigation using a road book and some fun facts about Minis, you will be divided into teams. The cars can then be started! In your own authentic Mini, you and your group ...

Hot Air Balloon
On the Grounds

You will take off from our estate. From a wicker basket, you will be able enjoy to a panoramic view on all sides. The trip takes between one and one and a half hour and will take place early in the morning or at night. This because the atmo...

Archery with Wilhelm Tell Finale
On the Grounds

After a supervisor gives an introductory lesson about archery, the shooting may begin. Everyone will be given the opportunity to master the sport. After several rounds, the best archer will be revealed. The best archer from each team will t...

Marksman Tournament
On the Grounds

‘Shooting’ is the key element in all parts of this tournament, in which many small prizes can be won. Test your marksmanship, concentration and tactics. The programme includes hand bow, crossbow and air laser clay pigeon shooting sections.

On the Grounds

In this programme the basic principles of fencing will be simply explained step by step. You will learn basic attack and defence techniques, after which you will be ready to fence in a duel. The unfamiliarity with the activity will have sur...

Predatory Bird Show
On the Grounds

At Engelenberg, hunting has always been an important part of life. We can organise a magnificent predatory bird show for you, completely in the style of the rich outdoor life of the nineteenth century. Our falconer will bring along about 2...

Covered wagon or horse drawn tram
On the Grounds

Explore the surrounding area of Brummen by covered wagon. Would you like to go on a tour towards the floodplains or would you prefer to ride through the woods to Eerbeek? Our covered wagons will take you wherever you would like to go. Pref...

Carriage tour
On the Grounds

Would you like to explore the surrounding area by horse drawn carriage like the past residents of Engelenburg used to do? That’s certainly possible! We can arrange for one or more carriages with coachmen. And of course a pick nick basket fo...

Horses whispering
On the Grounds

Horses whispering is the free form of communication between horses and humans. Communication, respect, cooperation and leadership are key elements to this fascinating horse whispering session, during which you will fully learn to understand...

Sheep herding
On the Grounds

The workshop consists of multiple parts, during which team spirit is stimulated in an inspiring and humoristic way. Furthermore, if desired, we can also do a more serious evaluation afterwards, to see what went right or wrong in the coopera...

Children’s activities during your stay at Engelenburg Castle
On the Grounds

During your weekend with the family or as part of your wedding program we gladly assist in organiing children's activities. For example: Miss Cake Decorating cupcakes and cakes with Miss Cake, a party for every child of 10 years or youn...

On the Grounds

Your conference or Management team meeting needs some energie? Our teambuilding activities could be a great and referhing break to create true team spirit. We gladly assist in organisin for example: Workshop Tai Chi Tai Chi is an ancient...

Partner programmes
On the grounds

Would you like to organise an exciting partnerprogram? At Kasteel Engelenburg we offer a great varity of workshops for your partners. We gladly assist in organising for example: We have several options for your spouses such as: Beauty &...

City Walk through Bronkhorst
Bronkhorst (5 km)

Take a walking tour through the smallest town of the Netherlands with all its history. The name Bronkhorst is mentioned for the first time in the illustrious history of Gelderland around the year 1000. Bronkhorst was granted city rights in ...

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
On the Grounds

The rifle is an original rifle, but modified. It therefore has no recoil. Beautiful technology, because up to 5 people may simultaneously (!) try to hit the clay pigeon. There are several game versions, some of which even the best marksman...

Hunting horn blowers
On the Grounds

Welcome your guests in style with hunting horn blowers on the steps and in the castle courtyard