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The Netherlands Open Air Museum

The Netherlands Open Air Museum
Arnhem (25 km)
€ 19 per person

They didn’t have television and their mode of transportation was a horse-drawn carriage. People slept in box beds and only bathed once a week. At the Open Air Museumyou will meet friendly farmers and farmers’ wives, along with the laundry boss, the carriage maker, the blacksmith, the fisher and the miller, who will tell you everything as you explore this unique way of life.

An authentic antique tram takes you around the huge museum park. It is driven by a tram driver, while the conductor punches your ticket. The Open Air Museum is a museum where you can not only look at things, but also do everything yourself. Have fun climbing and scrambling around the old-fashioned playground, walk on stilts, play with a hoop or race a genuine Flying Dutchman on the charming ZaanSquare. You can also try your hand at making paper or help out with the washing at the old laundry.

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