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Museum MORE

Museum MORE
Gorssel (15 km)
€ 18,50 per person

MORE is the largest Dutch Modern Realism Museum. It houses the collection of Hans Melchers. This collection contains work by leading Dutch modern realistic artists from the past 100 years.

MORE exhibits top artworks created by modern-realistic patriarchs (and matriarchs) Carel Willink, Jan Mankes, Pyke Koch, Dick Ket, Raoul Hynckes, Wim Schuhmacher and Charley Toorop. The collection also includes post-war realistic artwork and is still being expanded with new acquisitions. Influential artists such as Jan Beutener, Co Westerik and Barend Blankert are represented, as are leading figures in contemporary figurative art amongst whom Philip Akkerman, Erwin Olaf and Annemarie Busschers.

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