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Airborne museum and the Battle of Arnhem

Airborne museum and the Battle of Arnhem
Oosterbeek (35 km)
€ 11,00 per person

In Villa Hartenstein, the stories of British, Polish and German soldiers come to life. The historic building used to be the British headquarters during the Battle of Arnhem (1944). Residents also played a prominent role. View the collection of authentic weapons, documents and images including the Airborne Experience. All your senses will be activated because you’ll feel like being in the middle of a battle! In this underground area, you will vividly experience the course of the Battle of Arnhem. An experience that left many prior visitors speechless.

To the south of the centre of Arnhem lies the bridge over the Rhine which was the ultimate objective of Operation Market Garden. This bridge - which proved to be 'a Bridge too Far' in September 1944 - is since 1978 known as the John Frost bridge. It was named after the British Lieutenant-Colonel John Dutton Frost, who together his men heroically held the bridge from the German forces for four days.

The information centre ‘Battle of Arnhem’ is located at the foot of this bridge. You can view unique images and listen to clips of witnesses here: civilians as well as allied forces and German soldiers. They relay what they saw, heard and experienced during those horrible September days in 1944.

At the military cemetery Oosterbeek, 1754 soldiers from the army, air force and marines are buried who fell in the period between September1944 and April 1945. Most of these people died in the area of Arnhem, during the Battle of Arnhem.

Airborne Museum
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