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Kasteel Engelenburg

Kasteel Engelenburg

Course guide

Hole 1
The stroke index suggests that this par 4 is not overly difficult, but the statistics show that people score moderate to poor at this hole, so be careful. The low hcp plays the tee shot through the middle, for the average and high hcp it is advised to play to the right of the middle to make the 2nd shot easier. Play your approach to the middle of the well corrugated green.

Hole 2
This relatively short par 4 is a good hole to score. Play your tee shot to the right of the middle, leaving you with an open stroke to the tricky green. From the men's tee, located on the old ice cellar, you have a beautiful view of the back of the castle.

Hole 3
A relatively short hole, but because the approach to the pin is across the water, this forms a psychological obstacle for many players. The fairway tilts to the left, so play your drive to the right of the middle or risk your ball ending up in the lateral water on the left. Behind this double green (hole 3 and 8) lie water hazards, so be careful.

Hole 4
A long par 5 that requires course management. This dog-leg to the right with 5 fairway bunkers requires a tactical game. The deep green, slanting upwards, is tricky, particularly when the hole is approached from the back right. Think carefully: 75 metres before the green, to left of the green and behind the green is water!!

Hole 5
A nice, reasonably long par 3. If you cannot make it to the green with your tee shot, play the ball to the left, because the corrugated green is guarded by two tricky bunkers on the right, not too much to the left, because the ball will end up in the lateral water hazard next to the buggy path.

Hole 6  
This long par 4 is only difficult because of its length. Because of the high green, this hole plays like a 425 instead of a 395 metre hole. Be mindful of the lateral water hazard to the left, that nearby the green of hole 5 but is not visible from the tee. Look back from the green and enjoy the beautiful view of the castle.

Hole 7
This tricky, double dog-leg, demands a lot of course management, just like hole 4. Tee-shot to the right of the middle, then to the left because the second bend is guarded by four bunkers, with water to the right of it. Approach the green through the middle because of the 3 green-side bunkers. Watch out for the water hazard behind the green.

Hole 8
The stroke index already indicates that this is a tricky par 3. The entrance to the green is very narrow (approximately 10 metres) and also a little round, so the ball will easily disappear into the water hazard on the left or right. Advice for the middle and high hcp: play the ball until just before the narrow entrance, leaving you with a short approach to the large double green.

Hole 9
Short par 4 with a tee shot across the water. Play your first stroke towards the solitary oak at the end of the fairway to subsequently play your approach through the dog-leg to the green, where you must be mindful of the water hazard located behind the green. From the bridge, you can see the back of the castle with a wonderful terrace where you will be welcomed after finishing this hole

Golfer's Choice 2018

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