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Kasteel Engelenburg


Frederick Bogaardt 

In 1877 the Engelenburg domain was bought by Frederick Bogaardt. Initially as a summer residence. Frederik Bogaardt had his regular home in The Hague, Plein 1813 number 3. In 1873 the family had returned from the Indies trading life to build up an agricultural existence for son Marius, who was not in good health and could therefore better live in the Netherlands. However, his son Marius was kidnapped in 1880. The kidnapper demanded a ransom of 75,000 guilders. The maid was sent to the appointed place with an apron full of paper money, 75 bills of one thousand guilders, but returned empty-handed. She hadn't seen anyone. Later, 13-year-old Marius Bogaardt was found dead in Dekkersduin in The Hague. After the murder of Marius, the family moved from The Hague to Brummen. They lived a sober existence marked by grave seriousness. The parents remained in mourning until their death. The kidnapping and murder of Marius Bogaardt in 1880 led to great dismay in the Netherlands. It gave rise to the writing and singing of larmoyante songs. Marius was buried in The Hague amid overwhelming interest. Six months later Marius was moved to the general cemetery in Brummen on the Prinses Irenelaan. An impressive mausoleum has been built there. The mausoleum is now a day a monument.