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Kasteel Engelenburg

Country Estate

This estate has been open to the public since 1900. The establishment of the castle lays back to the 8th century.  Discoveries of oak poles and foundations in the cellars of the castle, prove its long life existence throughout the centuries.  The appearance of the estate had been influenced by its various owners through the centuries. Around 1828 the estate was designed in accordance to the English landscape styling. The winding path, the large curved ponds and the unique visible horizon are typical for this style and they exist till today.

In 1910, the Queen’s Commissioner of Gelderland became the owner of the Engelenburg. In 1911, he had a garden laid out (designed by the famous landscape architect L. Springer) on both sides of the driveway.  After the war, the estate was owned by the Twentsche Bank (later ABN) and became the holiday resort for its employees. In the mid-seventies the estate was no longer used and became vacant for many years. After years of decay, it was extensively refurbished and converted by Antonius de Lange, from a private though abandoned residence, into one of the Netherlands’ most exquisite country hotel, restaurant, golf course and conference center.  Numerous restorations have taken place to the castle, in order to bring back its previous charm. Take a walk through the woods and park and you will fully enjoy the atmosphere of this magnificent and unique estate. We have set out three beautiful routes of 0.7, 1.6 and 3 km.  “