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Kasteel Engelenburg


The Engelenburg Castle is a Manor house in a 230- hectares-estate located in Brummen, in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Our castle hotel is a national monument in the Netherlands.

The castle dates back to the Middle Ages and it is located amidst elegant vistas of landscaped gardens and old trees in a private forest. It was destroyed in the 80-years- war (1568-1648) by the Spanish troops led by Count Hendrik van den Berg. Jacob Schimmelpenninck van der Oye II rebuilt the castle and brought it back to its former glory. In 1591 Crown Prince Maurits stayed at the Engelenburg Castle during the battle of the IJssel, which signifies the importance of the house and its family. In 1828 the castle was substantially restored and rebuilt to a convenient manor house with hand-carved fireplaces, high ceilings and sumptuous rooms.

The Engelenburg Castle has been used as a private manor house until the second world war. As from 1947 the Twentsche Bank bought the estate and used it as a holiday destination for its employees. In 1988 the Engelenburg was extensively refurbished and converted, by Antonius de Lange, from an abandoned private residence into one of the Netherland’s most exquisite hotel, restaurant, golf course and conference center.

The façade of the castle is symmetrical and consists of seven bays. The castle is surrounded by a moat for protection. In the 19th century it was extended to today’s English style existing gardens, presenting an ideal and tranquil view of the tamed nature. Shrubberies with graveled walks, flowers in the skirts of the sweeping planted beds and tree plantations satisfy any botanical curiosity.

Among the outbuildings there is a 17th century coach house in the north part of the driveway, which was rebuilt in the 19th century.

The -unchanged as of the Schimmelpenninck period- driveway from the castle offers a visual axis to a characteristic point.  in this case the Old tower - or St. Pancratius Church.