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Golf courses upgraded

Thursday, 19 May 2016
Golf courses upgraded
Last winter we have renovations done on the golf course. The following changes are made: 

The yellow teebox of hole 7 is increased by 1 meter. This gives the golfer not only a magnificent view over the golf course but creates a safer situation. If your ball does not go as straight as expected but turns right,you are able to follow the ball and can warn the players on hole 6.

Hole 8 was not very fair, after all. If your shot was slightly to the left, it would hit the path and most of the time landed in the ditch. And right on the right front of the green was a lot of water.

We have created a greenside bunker on the right of green 8 which you still gives you the opportunity to make a par where you previously had to take a penalty stroke.

The path along the double green 3/8 is removed and we constructed two dams. Your walk through the forest  from the green of hole 8 brings you to the tee of hole 9. 

This lane is called the Lady Lane and brings back old memories of times the lane was used while walking with the esquire visiting family and acquaintance with the daughter of the house, or to be the lady.

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